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Beverage industry is rising high as many people believe in keeping themselves hydrated through packed beverages. People are willing to spend a lot on the beverages as they are not only refreshing but also curbs hunger for a little while.

Although, the cost of setting up beverage industry is high, the profits are unbelievable too! Our team has handled many clients who are into manufacturing of both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. We also spread about the awareness of the upcoming beverage technology and how to maintain the beverage processing lines.

Based on our requirement, our R&D team can produce concentrates, pulp, flavoured waters, fortified drinks, instant drink mixes, traditional drinks, specialized waters and also alcoholic beverages.

Our team strictly adheres to FSSAI guidelines for product development, good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices. We also conduct shelf life studies for your product so as to provide you with best before date which is mandatory to print on the food package.