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One of the largest sectors in food industry in Dairy Industry. Every household in India consumes milk and milk products on daily basis irrespective of season.

In India, a huge percent of population belongs to vegetarian class, thus, it is important for them to consume milk and milk products to get Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and calcium.

Our R&D experts can produce many new products of flavoured yogurt, flavoured milk, curd, ghee, cheese, cottage cheese, butter milk, lassi, milk powders, sweets and other value added products. If you have any other requirement, we can fulfil the same.

We can also enhance the appearance, taste and functionality of existing product range. So, do not hesitate to discuss your requirement with us.

Our team strictly adheres to FSSAI guidelines for product development, good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices. We also conduct shelf life studies for your product so as to provide you with best before date which is mandatory to print on the food package.