MyFoodXpert | Stratton Corporate Services Private Limited | Food Consultant

With huge customer demand in organics, many food industries are launching new series of products labelled as ‘organic’. These products are essentially made from the foods which have not been exposed to fertilizers or pesticides.

We have been encouraging many food industries for manufacturing and selling of organic food products as they provide more health benefits compared to the traditional and conventional system of farming which uses huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides. We ensure not to use chemical food additive during our new product development in compliance with food law.

Stratton has a team of experts who can produce line of products such as extruded, baked, confectionary, dairy products, RTE, drinks, powders, pastes, instant mixes and other value-added products.

Our team strictly adheres to FSSAI guidelines for product development, good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices. We also conduct shelf life studies for your product so as to provide you with best before date which is mandatory to print on the food package.