Running a food business profitably is not an easy task in these competitive times, and several small businesses often fail since they do not connect with their target consumers. Without a food branding strategy, even an excellent product will not sell if the public is not aware of its existence. Therefore, you must adopt an effective food branding strategy for your food items if you want to sell them successfully. If you are unsure of what is the best strategy to adopt, it is advisable to hire a professional food branding agency that will help set your food items apart from the competition. 

We have put together a few useful hacks that will provide you with insights about branding for the food business.  

Three useful tips to help you brand your food items

The following ideas will help connect your food items with your targeted audience:

Create an awesome website: Today, eCommerce has become a way of life for most people who search for and order most of their food items online. The advantage online shoppers get is that they can compare the price and quality of several products at a time. Hence, it is essential to create an eye-catching website that can influence the targeted customers via attractive images, videos, and other content.

Here are some tips that can help differentiate your brand from that of your competitors:

  • Create a dedicated website with an engaging theme best suited for your business
  • Add a blog to your website and regularly post useful, informative content     
  • Make the website user-friendly by integrating features like plugins to help the visitors navigate your web pages quickly and search for their products easily
  • Keep the layout simple so that visitors can easily load your site, navigate quickly, and use it on different devices and platforms
  • You need to keep the visitors’ attention on your products by displaying only those elements on which you want them to take action 

Create a packaging that catches the eye: Consumers get the first impression of a product from its packaging. It grabs the attention of potential customers while communicating the message you want to convey. Today, stores provide hundreds of product choices for customers making it essential to create a packaging that sets your product apart. Therefore, attractive packaging is an excellent strategy for building a food brand that you need to implement. Understanding your targeted customer well will help in creating a suitable design for your package. It would help if you made sure that the text on the package is eligible for customers to understand easily and place only important text in the foreground. Use only those colors that are in sync with the overall design of the package 

  1. Leverage social media to promote your brand: Social media is a cost-effective food branding strategy that works effectively whether your business is big or small. You can increase the online presence of your food items by getting followers to engage with your brand. For example, you can encourage your Instagram followers to share images of your products’ images using a custom hashtag. Social media provides information about your followers’ demographics, letting you know more about the people interested in your products. Using social media, you can test how your product manages amidst the present market trends and give information about other trending products. You can also conduct polls to get your followers’ opinions on your products. 

Food branding is very crucial in today’s competitive world to increase the sales of your food items since it helps your business create an identity among potential customers. At Stratton, our highly qualified food technologists and design consultants provide expert advice on food branding to clients and partner with them to develop strategies to increase their presence in the market and attract more customers.

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