How Important is it to check the nutritional table in a food package?

Before eating your favourite foods, you should know if it is just as good for your body as it is for your tongue. And that is precisely what nutritional tables on the packaging are for. It tells you how many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats it contains so that you can plan meals according to your […]

Setting the right recipe for your food products

Food, since time immemorial, has been sought after by every individual on this planet, and if set right, is a business opportunity that never fails. Any food, cuisine, or condiment has the potential to surf around every nook and corner, through history and across horizons. What is it that one has to know to sell […]

How much does packing of food enhance sales value?

Studies reveal that packaging greatly influences the decisions of customers when they purchase a food product. Customers get a wide array of product choices at stores, and they mostly choose a product that has attractive packaging. The importance of packaging in marketing should not be underestimated as it speaks boldly about the product inside. Manufacturers […]

3 Ways to Brand Food Items

Running a food business profitably is not an easy task in these competitive times, and several small businesses often fail since they do not connect with their target consumers. Without a food branding strategy, even an excellent product will not sell if the public is not aware of its existence. Therefore, you must adopt an […]

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