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How Important is it to check the nutritional table in a food package?
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How Important is it to check the nutritional table in a food package?

Before eating your favourite foods, you should know if it is just as good for your body as it is for your tongue. And that is precisely what nutritional tables on the packaging are for. It tells you how many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats it contains so that you can plan meals according to your bodily needs. 

Eating healthy means accumulating good stuff in the body and keeping the bad stuff out. Some brands advertise their products for high content of vitamins, but their nutritional table will tell if it is hiding trans fats or added sugar.

What does the Nutritional Table tell?

The nutritional table has details of everything that your body will gain from its consumption. Given below is an overview:

Serving Size

The nutritional table is based on the nutritional value of the appropriate serving size. For example, peanut butter’s label is based on the nutrition provided by 32g. Therefore it becomes clear that 32g is the right amount to eat in one go. 


The table on the packaging mentions the calories per serving size. The popular terms used are energy or kcal. Kcal being the unit to measure energy in food products, has become synonymous with energy. It allows you to measure calorie intake and makes it easier to maintain a diet.


Each nutrient serves its purpose in the body and must be taken in moderation. The nutritional table on the products has details of every nutrient present. This allows you to monitor your intake right from carbs to preservatives. It is helpful in cases you are advised by the doctor to control a particular nutrient. The nutritional table is prepared using several laboratory tests and has the exact amount of nutrients as the product.


Fibre is an essential part of food and is helpful for proper digestion. Its intake needs to be managed as per the needs of the body. Therefore, if taken as needed, it prevents stomach and intestinal problems. The nutritional table tells about the product’s fibre content too.

How is it helpful?

As a Precautionary measure:

Suppose you are under medication or going through medical treatment, and your doctor has suggested you limit the intake of a particular content such as saturated fats, proteins, etc. In that case, the nutritional table helps you to comply with it.

Monitor Body Weight

If you are trying to manage your weight, you know how conscious you get about every calorie and sugar you eat. You have to weigh your food before eating and calculate the number of calories you took.


Bodybuilders are especially focused on monitoring protein, fats and carbohydrates. If you are one of them, you must be already familiar with how helpful a nutritional table can be while you are trying to gain muscles.

Nutritional tables and ingredients are an essential part of the label and maintain the transparency between the manufacturer and consumer. You will know what you are being served and can easily decide whether you want it or not.