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With expansion of awareness amongst common masses regarding the nutritional value of foods, food industry has come up with a niche called Nutraceuticals. This allied stream focuses on development of supplements which can aid in health improvement and treat many health conditions.

Nutraceuticals product require careful development of products as any minor changes in the formulation can change the advantage of the food into disadvantage. Our R&D team has years of experience in manufacturing of powders, diabetic foods, dietary supplements, meal replacements, protein powders, bars, functional foods, drinks, sugar free products and other value-added products.

We are well experienced and equipped to carry out modification in your existing product to make it more advantageous to your customers. We also spread awareness and information about the market trends which will help you in taking better decisions regarding your products. We can also help you in identifying the target customers and helping you to reach the same.

Our team strictly adheres to FSSAI guidelines for product development, good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices. We also conduct shelf life studies for your product so as to provide you with best before date which is mandatory to print on the food package.